Realisation of interior design — lampshades

Light is an element which plays a utility and decorative function. It is just as important field of interior design as furniture, decoration, plants or wall colour. One of the most important elements in the area of interior lighting projects are lampshades, or generally their form and scale of originality. Therefore, we would like to draw the attention of interior designers to new possibilities in the manufacture of lampshades that appeared with the introduction of nano-printing technology on the market.

Admittedly, the production of decorative elements with the use of plotters is no longer a special novelty, but new possibilities related to this production technique have emerged. Until now, many useful materials – from the point of view of interior design – were not eligible for making imprints on them. This situation, however, has changed. Innovative digital printing technology makes it possible to include in the range of decorative materials even those that were unable to be printed before.

Over the years, the range of types of materials used, colours, surface textures, etc. has grown. In most cases, manufacturers did not take into account the fact that the materials can be further refined through printing. Thanks to nano-printing technology, a designer who wants to personalize his or her product can reach for almost any material and print it to obtain a unique, resistant to light and other physical factors product.

From the formal point of view, the fact that the new technology allows the production of lampshades from materials meet all the requirements (confirmed by appropriate certificates) related to safety of use and fire safety is not insignificant.

We recommend the use of lampshades made on the basis of modern printing technology with the use of innovative solutions to the interior design industry. Practical values, favourable economic calculation or unprecedented freedom in terms of graphic forms implication convince us to use this solution.

We encourage you to see the lamps produced by RAMKO W. Kopczyński sp.j. for our Swedish client – Sitz DesignSweden:

The order was executed on NANOO NANOthINK ECO inks.

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